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OLOW Science Fair 2019/2020

The OLOW Science Fair 2019/2020 took place in November and we couldn’t believe the amount of amazing investigations in each class and the great work that went into the presentation and delivery of the projects. It is clear that we have many great scientists in 4th, 5th and 6th class who spoke with great confidence.

Well done to all who took part.

It was difficult to choose winning investigations from each class as so many projects really stood out. The theme of Science week this year was Climate Change and many of you showed us that you are very well informed regarding the issues that we face and you are willing to make a big difference to try to reduce the effects that we are having on our planet. In 6th class, we learnt about the negative effects that glitter can have on our marine life, we saw in 5th class that electric vehicles are the way forward when it comes to reducing our use of fossil fuels and we also saw in 6th class the benefits of a plant based diet.

In 4th class Ms Gibson, we were really impressed with the questions that were asked; Can baking soda be used as a natural cleaning solution? How does water move through plants?

Runner Up: How much Iron is in Cereal? by Bobby, Alex and Dylan.

(This investigation had huge potential and we wanted to acknowledge how well presented it was.)

Winners: Investigation based on Static electricity by Harry KB, Christian and Brian O’Reilly.

(It was clear that the group had put a lot of work into it and it was very well presented.)

In 4th class Ms. Klein, we were again impressed by the presentations and the way that students spoke with confidence when discussing their investigations. The class investigated a range of topics and it stood out how well groups worked together during the process.

Runner Up: How much sugar is found in Fizzy drinks by Ethan, Ronan, Harry and Cian.

(We felt that this group showed great enthusiasm and had the experiment in front of them which was great to see. We feel that for their first Science Fair they showed a great deal of interest.)

Joint Winners: How does Bluetooth work? By Dylan Bowers

     Light and Air by Lucia and Clara

In Ms Grier Gavin’s 5th class, it was evident that the students put in a massive effort. We saw the students asking practical questions, researching information, carrying out experiments and telling us the results and conclusions that they made. We were really impressed by the displays and experiments that were demonstrated in front of us. 

Runner Up: Can plants survive in liquids other than water? by Amelia, Emma and Jessica.

(This group needed to be acknowledged for the amount of effort they put in and the evidence that they put before us.)

Winners: What happen to teeth in different liquids? By Conor, Alfie, David and Ryan

(This group really impressed us with their great presentation, their clear investigation and they all showed an interest and involvement in their project.)

In 6th Ms Burns we loved how many teams focused on the climate change and the changes we can make which could have a more positive impact on our planet. We also learnt about topics such as; What is night vision?, How does weather affect tennis balls?, Does colour affect your learning?

Runner Up: Can we make plastic from Milk? by Gemma Rose

Joint Winners: What is the Elephant toothpaste experiment? By Tara

                                                How can you make sea salt? By Leon

(Both were simple experiments that were very well delivered, those involved showed great understanding and could explain exactly what it is that they were trying to do.)

In 6th class Ms Galavan, the standard of experiments and presentations was exceptional and it is clear that they really understand the experimental process. They showed great confidence when presenting, they were very well informed on their topics and they followed the steps needed to carry out a scientific investigation.

Joint Winners: How can you use fruit to charge lights? by Caoimhe, Emily and Aoife.

 (This group showed great initiative in looking for the materials needed to carry out their experiment.)

Joint Winners: Do certain objects prevent fingerprints from being found? by Ella and Lara

(They presented their investigation very well, it was clear, it had a great structure with a definite answer at the end and it was very effective.)

When it came to the overall winner, we had one project that really stood out. It fell under the theme of climate change and it’s very topical at the minute. There was plenty of research and a demonstration also. The winner was very well informed and spoke with great confidence. 


OLOW Science Fair Winner 2019 - Cian Bordelet in 6th Ms Galavan

Can a plant based diet save the planet?

We really were impressed by every project and we were delighted with how well students worked together on their projects. Well done!

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